About Us

Wellchain is a groundbreaking mobile app with a focus on prevention. Operating on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and harnessing the power of blockchain technology, this innovative platform offers an array of features. These include telemedicine, team communication tools, remote monitoring, scheduling, alerts, reporting, reminders, and self-tasking functions.

Two versions are tailored for caregivers and patients and both are seamlessly integrated on the backend. Wellchain introduces game-changing innovations. It quantifies healthcare by assigning a patient severity score and diligently tracks their progress or decline through a status change index. This not only equips providers with actionable insights but also optimizes resource allocation, significantly enhancing facility efficiency. Wellchain serves as a valuable asset for both individual patients and healthcare institutions, spanning medical and mental health facilities.

Our Story

We take a unique approach to problem-solving.  Our co-founder, Paul Roberts, worked as an independent field case manager for over 20 years and used his vast experience to develop a new care management model (Bridge Care) to close the divide associated with complex care. Paul went on to make a movie on the subject entitled “Diagnosing Healthcare,” and those concepts were further developed and shared with the U.S.  Congress. The result is a new care management delivery system that improves patient care, while containing the enormous costs associated with patient care.